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Id.Job NameBrandJob DescriptionLocation
1OIS Monitor/Display.IntecolorRepairing Monitor/Display UBP Semarang
2Panelmate Series 4000-Repairing ModuleUBP Semarang
3Monitor MPR PLTU 2-Repairing ModuleUBP Semarang
4Modification Battery Charger Control 110VDC, 60 A-Modificate module to get better regulated signal and to optimize charging time.UBP Semarang
5Troubleshooting Fire AlarmNotifierRepairing module due to system working fail and miss alarm.UBP Semarang
6Repairing Current TransducerNIEAFRepairing the moduleUBP Semarang
7Repairing Current TransducerNIEAFRepairing ModuleUBP Semarang
8Repairing Stabizet 7KD 2420SIEMENSRepairing the module due to improper output voltage.PT. Pindad
9Troubleshooting MultilinGERepairing the control system moduleUBP Semarang
10Troubleshooting Current LoopK-UNITRepairing moduleUBP Semarang
11Troubleshooting Inverter 3BFurukawaPower module is broken, no output at allUBP Semarang
12Troubleshooting Inverter 3ASOLID STATE CONTROLS, INC.Repair the power module that is broken, no output at allUBP Semarang
13Repairing InverterGUTORRepairing module to automatic transfer failurePLTA Cirata
14Repairing InverterCOREDELRepairing system failure and abnormal output.UBP Mrica
15Repairing InverterSAFT NIFERepairing system failure and abnormal output.UBP Mrica
16Repairing UPS 2A STG 2.0CYBERECRepairing module to asynchronous frequency.UBP Semarang
17Repairing UPS 2B STG 2.0CYBERECRepairing module due to no output.UBP Semarang
18Procurement Of FO HubContemporary Control SystemProviding and installing Fiber Optic Hub.UBP Semarang
19Repairing Battery ChargerSaksamaRepairing module due to charging failure.UBP Semarang
20Procurement Of Sequencer Module Card-Clonning card of sequencer module.UBP Semarang