Automation Projects

System automation is one of our product that trying to make your own system can be monitored or controlled automatically. We can integrate your devices which have communication access to outer world to be one system which can be monitored at a time. By integrating your devices into one system in a place, you don't need to come to the site just to record the device data. Wired or Wireless, we provide two communication system to transmit the data from site to the control center. Onshore or offshore, our engineer will always be prepared for any kind of field.

Below are our experiences in automation system :

TEMP Online
Thermal Efficiency Monitoring Package Online, is a system built to monitor thermal efficiency of an electricity plant. Basically, this system is built offline and the input is manually entered by the user, but we try to provide this system online and automatic. Thus the users don't need to enter the general data manually, except for specific item which cannot automatically acquired by the system.

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The output is a "ready to use" data which is formatted in excel and html (web page format). Also, the users can monitor the realtime data from their local computer which is connected to the system network by simply starting their internet browser and open the address of the TEMP Online website. Those features can ease the method to process the data and to make data accessing is a lot easier.

Simread (Digital Logsheet)
A product that is intended to help machine operator to monitor periodic data which are previously done by manually write the data to the log book. This system is built by three main components, there are Server (to store the data), Wireless Access Point (to dispatch data to server), and Laser Hand Held (to acquire data from remote place).

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Generally, this system works by scanning the barcode from each data item from site, the user then put the actual value from site into the hand held, if the data acquisition is complete and the user is in the Wireless Access Point area, he/her can store the data into the server without to touch any part of the server because the data will be automatically pushed into the database.

Intelligence Remote Monitoring And Controlling, is a system that generally used in offshore oil and gas company to monitor and controlling their high voltage pump motor parameters.


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This system is separated into two main components, the first is the control center, including server, and the second is remote data monitoring. The first components will be located inside the control building and the second components will be in each site where the data would be monitored. By using this system, all parameters in remote device (motor pump) will be monitored realtime.

MPR (Multi Point Recorder)
A system that integrate field parameters such as pressure, voltage, temperature, flow rate, etc into one computer system.

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This system will monitor the parameters realtime and store the last states/values into database for historical purpose. This system could be called as a mini SCADA because this system is one of the SCADA feature which show the realtime data from the field and also store them into the database.