Modification Projects

Modification is one of our service which is covering electrical and instrumental module in industrial environment, such as inverter modules, power control modules, fire alarms module, etc. Generally, users asking us for the best solution to optimize their device works. We offer them what if we modify their device to be fitted to what the users need. System modification is not a trivial way to obtain what users need. Typically the device will not work properly if we did a little mistake to the device parameters. But, we always keep the previous parameters to at least guarantee that the user will not loose their devices to running properly during our research because our credible engineers will keep the user satisfaction as their priority.

Below are our experiences in system modification :

Motor Controller/ Motor Management Relay
Is a device that specially built for monitoring and controlling parameters in three phase high voltage motor, typically starts from 2,4kV. This device usually built from MCU with multi variant input integrated in one module. There are several parameters monitored, such as Motor current consumption, Motor voltage, Electricity frequency, Underload/Overload Current Alarm, Undervoltage/Overvoltage Alarm, Running time, Downtime.


Generally, this device provide built in communication port to communicate to outer world. We have the experiences to modify this motor controller display (which have is broken) by replacing it using LCD/seven segment display. We also have experience to integrate this such devices into one system called iRMC.

An automatic voltage control device controls the field current to keep output voltage constant. If the output voltage from the stationary armature coils drops due to an increase in demand, more current is fed into the rotating field coils. This increases the magnetic field around the field coils which induces a greater voltage in the armature coils. Our experience doing AVR jobs is including build this module from nothing and also modify this modules to adjust the power consumption.

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Intercom/ Paging system
Is a stand alone electronic communication system designed for limited or private dialogue. In an industrial environment, intercom is a central communication for every worker especially who doesn't supplied with Handy Talkie radio communication. This system usually covering the whole area of the target location.

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We provide re-installation, upgrading, and modification (including adding the system with merge and isolate feature) of existing paging system. Merge and isolate feature is an additional feature to manage which area should be merged and which area should be isolate from others. By using this feature, the paging system could be divided into several areas by setting the Merge And Isolate device which is built by MCU.

Originally manufactured by General Electric to monitor and control Gas Turbine Generator. Because the system is a legacy, this kind of computer is difficult to be upgraded, since the common technology is always develop. But the user/operators have been so many years using this system as their daily system to monitor and control their Gas Turbine Generator.

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Here, we have the resource to upgrade your Mark V HMI system with the newer technology which has the different hardware but has exactly the same HMI as you use your original Mark V HMI.