Repair & clonning Projects

As a company which is focus in electrical engineering system, we always develop our skill in order to reach the most recent development of technology. One of our method to do that is by doing system troubleshooting to understand deeply how the device works. Thus, our device clonning project will have exactly the same or at least the closest specification as the original devices built previously.

Below are our experiences in repairing and clonning projects :

UPS/ Battery Charger
We provide user request Battery Charger Specifications. We provide battery charger type Power Thyristor with product warranty attached. Product standardization will always be our habit in order to build a product which is easy to maintain.

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Years experience manufacturing battery charger make us learning how to develop the battery charger product to the maximum capability we could reach. Repair existing battery charger is one of our special capability. Block by block of a battery charger can be repaired separately by us, from inverter to the transfer switch.

H2 Plant Power Supply
H2 Plant is usually used for cooling system in such a mechanical engine which could generate heat. The process of separating Hydrogen and Oxygen within water is using low voltage DC with high current consumption above 1000 Ampere. Need to replace your H2 Plant cooling system power supply, we can provide the solution. We can customize our product to be fit with your machine.


Emergency Light
Designed to come on when the power goes out. This module will provide enough backup light as the main power/main light is maintained or in repair. Usually used in offshore oil and gas company where the power is provided locally. This module will support the minimum light to save the power in order to keep the power to stay as long as possible.


DEC 3000 Server
Is a kind of computer server that first introduced in 1985 by Digital Equipment, Corporation. This server is one of the best server in its period since this server is commonly used in various industrial area.


Our customer generally use this server as a DCS HMI server for their Plant Controller. As the product is legacy but the user has been so familiar with this product, we try to provide what user need. We have the solution to replace your broken DEC 3000 server with the good one.