Welcome to thredio engineering

The Willingness to apply knowledge in giving the costumer better services and to respect all of the member as partner in team supporting each other is the background idea in building the company, named THREDIO Engineering.

Learning from experiences in the past is a strong groundwork to construct a professional company that achieves self-sufficiency in all dimensions and able to keep the balance in giving rewards for the effort of reaching the optimal work result.

Our vision, a steady growing company becoming a reliable partner in equally internal and external side.

Our mission, to complete project in the scope of engineering services based on industrial principle and healthy trade in order to guarantee the company's stability and self sufficiency from time to time by emphasizing rewards for individual and keeping it balance as the maximum effort done.

Our philosophy are Justice, Strength, and Control mean that we are standing on the concrete building of a professional company and qualified human resources, which have high integrity and always keep the commitment and a healthy work culture.

Our goal is to be a company with steady growth, upholding the company's culture which emphasize rewards for individual, integrity, and professional attitude.

About us

Scope of Business

Trial Run
Repair & Clonning
Automation / SCADA / DCS

Line of Business

Industrial Electronic Equipment e.g:

Paperless Recorder (DFR,SER)
Intercom/ Paging System
Digital Meter/ Display
DCS/ PLC/ Scada
Emergency Light
UPS/ Rectifier/ Battery Charger
Digital Logsheet