Power Electrical

Power Electrical is the backbone of our modern society, fueling everything from our homes to our businesses.

Our engineers and specialists in this field work  to maintain the systems and equipment that generate, transmit, and distribute electricity to where it's needed. 

They are the masterminds behind keeping the lights on, powering our homes and businesses, and keeping us connected. 

With their innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies, Power Electrical engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible and shaping the future of energy.

    List of experiences :

    • Repair of 1B diesel emergency STG 2.0 battery charger
    • Repair of SUDEG 6.3KV Mark JENELEC card battery charger 
    • Repair of Saft Nife 110 VDC GI Duren Tiga battery charger
    • Repair of E-HWA battery charger and coredel battery charger
    • Repair of AVR battery charger
    • Repair of Saft Nipe and CDP battery charger
    • Repair of Sipos module, battery charger, and vibration module 
    • Repair of card control battery charger Primax PA103
    • Repair of battery charger LL-1580
    • Repair of battery charger 110Vdc 60 A, brand Techfill
    • Repair of battery charger 125Vdc 60 A, brand SIMPLEX TSR6T
    • Repair of card control battery charger. brand AEG D400G216/100 BWrug-Vpx
    • Repair of battery charger, brand firetrol LL-1580
    • Etc.