Training Event For SUDEG at PLTGU Tambak Lorok

In a significant move towards enhancing the efficiency and reliability of power generation, PT THREDIO Engineering recently conducted a comprehensive training event in Semarang. ...Read More


PT Thredio Engineering completed the Unit 1 TG1 panel until Commercial Operation Date (COD) at the Cilaki Hydropower Plant.

The Unit 1 TG1 panel installed by PT Thredio Engineering at the Cilaki Hydropower Plant is one of the key elements in this hydropower generation system. As the central control un...Read More


Testing and Voltage Matching of Electrical Panel 1 at Hydropower Plant PLTA Cilaki.

In testing and checking the electrical voltage, PT Thredio Engineering and PT Cogindo Dayabersama employ a highly cautious and meticulous approach. They conduct thorough testing ...Read More


Design and Review Project SUDEG PLTGU Semarang

Planning is essential before starting any project. Planning includes design and review stages to synchronize user requirements with the envisioned design, leading to the subseque...Read More