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For nearly two decades, PT Thredio Engineering has been a trailblazer in delivering a diverse range of engineering services to businesses across Indonesia. Specializing in areas such as Instrument & Control, Power Electrical, Instruments Technology, Custom Manufacture, and more, our experience is centered around power plants, oil & gas processing and refineries, allowing us to recognize and address the unique demands and complexities of these industries. Our team comprises of highly skilled engineers and technicians who possess the proficiency and experience to take on any project and utilize the latest technologies to provide the most innovative solutions.

At our core, we embody a "Let's Talk Solutions" philosophy, which means that we take pride in our ability to comprehend the specific requirements of our clients and provide customized solutions that cater to their unique needs. We have a consultative approach to partnering with our clients, and we prioritize creating long-term relationships that are built on mutual trust and respect. By taking the time to understand our client’s businesses, we are able to provide solutions that optimize their efficiency and productivity.

We believe in going beyond providing conventional engineering services and are committed to delivering results that add value to our client’s businesses. Our approach is to work hand-in-hand with our clients, to ensure that their operations are streamlined and running smoothly, and to provide innovative solutions that help them meet and surpass their business objectives. With our extensive experience and exceptional team of experts, we have built a reputation as a trusted partner for businesses across Indonesia, and we continue to set the bar high for the engineering industry.


Become an integrated, trusted, and synergizes partner in providing the best solutions and services to meet the needs and demands of clients.


1. Complete all projects with satisfying services before and after projects.
2. Provide the best solutions for each needs.

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  •  Company with high integrity and commitment for the best quality service
  •  Prioritizes customer needs and offers multiple solutions
  •  Dedicated to providing the best solutions and customer service
  •  Experienced team of engineers and technicians
  •  Delivers work with expertise, knowledge, and cost-effectiveness

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