In 2004, CV Thredio Engineering was established in Bandung and our project was development as a system integrator for the TEMP Online project in the same year.

We have successfully developed an original system created by our team, called Intelligence Remote Monitoring & Control (iRMC), as a control center with more than 5 other platforms serving as remote fields at Widuri Process Platform owned by CNOOC.



PT Thredio Engineering officially becomes the Alliance Partner of National Instruments which provides services to become an integration system with National Instrument products.

PT Thredio Engineering won an award as the Best Goods/Services Provider in 2017 at PT Indonesia Power UPJP Kamojang.



PT Thredio Engineering officially becomes the Authorized Sales Channel in Indonesia for Baker Hughes Energy Services LLC company. Provide support for upgrading control system (DCS) with the NEXUS Control brand.

PT Thredio Engineering, as a joint operation vendor for PT Cogindo DayaBersama, we are proud to announce that PT Thredio Engineering was among the recipients of the 10 best vendor award. In this year, we have a deal to partnership with Yokogawa.



In 2023, PT Thredio Engineering and PT Cogindo DayaBersama, have joined hands to undertake a joint venture aimed at rectifying and improving the hydropower plant located in Cilaki. The objective of this venture is to restore and revitalize the hydropower plant to it's former operational state.