Telemetry System

Telemetry System

Why our Telemetry System?

Tailored Solution

Our telemetry system are built tailored, no matter how you need this system to works, we will do our best to provide the solution. Our engineering division will assist you for best solution based on your requirement in telemetry system.


Our team familiar with almost all top industrial data acquisition brand around the world. We could choose the best equipement and system according what you need neither more nor less.

Remarkable Service

We are not only a team with strong experience in telemetry system for more than 15 years, yet we are trusted for our excellence pre/after sales service. Feel free to reach us, let’s talk solutions!

Our some experience

IRMC System

Intelligence Remote Monitoring and Controlling is our very first project on telemetry. Commissioned in 2007, this system is installed offshore to monitor and control Oil Well simultaneously from multiple platform location from Jakarta Head Office.


Offshore Oil and Gas platform commonly have an issue of how to perform monitoring and/or controlling remote Unmanned Oil Well Rig from Control-Center Rig. Traditional UHF radio communication already implemented, however remote data couldn’t be monitored in realtime. This issue likely reduce productivity of each Oil Rig since Company Owner need to know immedietly when a Oil Pump suddenly experience abnormal trip.


We provide solution by upgrading each Oil Well control system. Make it accessible in realtime from Control Center Rig. Combination of Wireless Access Point and multi point serial communcation did the works. Now Control Center Rig will be notified using an alarm if there is Oil Pump suddenly trip.

Early Warning System

This project was implemented as a safety system for one of Hydro Power Plant in Sumatera. Measure water level of upstream river and make an announcement to the downstream for possibility of water level rise.


Waduk Kotopanjang is one of the productive lake in Riau district that not only built for Hydro Power Plant but also provide water supply for fish cultivation. Back in 2016, unmonitored water level in upstream of Waduk Kotapanjang causing unpredictable water level rise in DAM, to prevent catastrophic caused by broken DAM, DAM water spill way must be opened. This sudden decision made downstream river flooding due to water oversupply.


Through discussion to the authority of Waduk Kotapanjang, we offer a solution to install Water Level monitoring system at upstream side of Waduk Kotapanjang and Early Warning System at downstream. We use M2M communication and ultrasonic level sensor, and periodically (15 minutes) transmit water level to DAM authority Control Center.

Turbomachinery Monitoring

This telemetry project, involve large data acquisition (around 3000 engine data) that must be monitored from HQ office in Jakarta. This facility is offshore and has a network bandwidth available no more thatn 64kbps.


Turbomachinery is in Offshore Gas Platform is crucial asset to maintenance. Only limited number of persons are able to stay on board including operator and technical maintenance. However, for complicated problem, site engineer should be involved to analyze any issue occurred within the turbomachinary system. Realtime data is the key for engineer to take further analytic, and with only 64kbps connection availability, 3000 data (analog & digital) shall be transmitted to Jakarta.


Advanced data compression is the main key in order to deliver such a huge data to engineers in Jakarta, in realtime. By creating tailored data compression combined with Pub/Subs protocol mechanism 3000 data now available in Jakarta in realtime, and for additional, historical data also being recorded in 10 seconds period.

Transformer Health Monitoring

Grid transfomer is one of vital equipment that usually unmonitored. This telemetry system, installed on grid transformer to provide possibility to monitor transformer health status for preventive maintenance purpose.


Grid transfomer is one of vital equipment that usually unmonitored. Our partner (on of the biggest Grid Transformer Manufacture in Indonesia) give some challenges for us to create affordable system that are able to monitor all grid transformer installed accross the nation. This system including develop custom device, communication link, and enterprise applications.


Challenges accepted, through internal development and testing by our tailored engineering skill we successfully created a IoT device that is able to collect totally 6 parameter input, including digital and analog for each grid transformer. This device will transmit all data through internet in realtime. And our enterprise API will deliver all requeted data from our partner and their customer as well.