Design and Review Project SUDEG PLTGU Semarang


Planning is essential before starting any project. Planning includes design and review stages to synchronize user requirements with the envisioned design, leading to the subsequent implementation phase. By conducting thorough planning, the end result of the project is expected to align with the user's desires and function effectively.

In this project, the Thredio team is undertaking the design and review for the Retrofit System Control Start-Up Diesel Engine Generator (SUDEG) 6.3 kV at the Tambak Lorok Power Plant, Semarang. The SUDEG is used for Black Start capability in the event of disturbances in the power interconnection system in the Java-Bali region. The aim of these tasks is to improve the overall efficiency and reliability of the SUDEG system, ensuring it meets the required standards and can effectively support the Black Start capability during power interconnection system disruptions. The Thredio team will utilize their expertise and experience to successfully complete both aspects of the project, resulting in a modernized and enhanced SUDEG system at the Tambak Lorok Power Plant.

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