Hydropower Plant PLTA Cilaki


PLTA Cilaki is a 3x3.5MW hydropower plant located in Cisewu, Garut, and is one of the power plants relied upon by the local community. Currently, the power plant is not operational after being affected by a flood disaster which caused damage to the equipment. PT Thredio Engineering & PT Cogindo Daya Bersama had the opportunity to retrofit the power plant starting in November 2022 and is ongoing until February 2023.

System Retrofit covering all felds, including electrical, insrumentation, and mechanical equipment units. Until now, Thredio had finished its portion of the works by rebuilding the Process Control Logic in SCADA Unit and repair electrical equipment units that were damaged during flood disaster.

First rolling of generator number 3 was carried out at early January 2023, however its suffered fatal damage within the generator winding and should wait for around 2 months for reparation. Next test is planned at early March, 2023. During this period, Thredio currently install electrical and instrumental cabinet for Unit 1 and 2 and planned to be installed on site also at early March, 2023.