PT Thredio Engineering completed the Unit 1 TG1 panel until Commercial Operation Date (COD) at the Cilaki Hydropower Plant.


The Unit 1 TG1 panel installed by PT Thredio Engineering at the Cilaki Hydropower Plant is one of the key elements in this hydropower generation system. As the central control unit, the panel plays a vital role in regulating and monitoring various operational aspects of the turbine generator unit. With their high dedication to executing the panel installation flawlessly, PT Thredio Engineering has ensured that all the essential functions and features of the panel operate optimally, contributing significantly to enhancing the efficiency and smooth operation of the Cilaki Hydropower Plant.

As part of the control and monitoring system, the Unit 1 TG1 panel enables operators to efficiently monitor and manage the performance of the turbine generator. The accurate and real-time information provided by this panel allows technicians to respond quickly and accurately to changes in power demand or water flow conditions. With this capability, the Cilaki Hydropower Plant can maintain a stable production of electrical energy in line with supply needs and demands, while also reducing the risk of disruptions or system failures.

With the successful installation of the Unit 1 TG1 panel, reaching the Commercial Operation Date (COD), PT Thredio Engineering has demonstrated professionalism and quality in adhering to tight project schedules. Timeliness in completing projects is a crucial aspect in the energy industry, especially considering the urgency to provide reliable and sustainable energy sources for the community.The success of PT Thredio Engineering in this regard reaffirms that the company possesses solid project management capabilities, making them trustworthy to undertake similar projects in the future. Their commitment to delivering satisfactory results in line with industry standards is a testament to their quality and dedication in the field of renewable energy