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Device Name: Battery Charger

Type: TE-BC-3P5-110V-60A-THY (Standing built-up panel)

Input: 380 Vac, 3 Phase, ± 10%

Voltage Output: 110 Vdc (Adjustable ± 25%), Constant Voltage

Current Output: 60 Ampere (max)

Ripple Voltage: <1%

Ambient Temperature: 0-40°C, Humidity 90%

Noise Level: Max 65 dB

Special Features: Manual mode, Auto Boost Additional with Timer Float

Equipped with: Surge protector up to 1.5 kV, 40kA

Over Voltage Protector: up to 500 VAC

Display: Analog for Load, Battery Charge Current, Voltage.

Basic Principles of Battery Charger

Battery charger is used to charge the battery so that the battery voltage is always maintained and ready as a backup to supply the DC system if there is a disturbance to the AC input.

The power regulator output uses a thyristor (SCR), for 3-phase or 1-phase input.

Complete Specification

1. Input dan Output : According to order (customize).

2. Automatic Charger Control.

   Simplify the operating system and do not need special care.

3. Installed protection : 

  • Input Breakers.
  • Output Breakers.
  • High Speed Fuse for semiconductors (optional).
  • Fuse for filter capacitors (optional).
  • Automatic / Electronis Current Limitter.
  • Soft Start (gradual voltage increase).

4. Automatic Transfer System

   Equipped with a diode blocker for easy transfer to the DC system (for 2 redundant battery chargers). Its function is when there is interference with one rectifier, it will not affect the other rectifier.

5. Boost Timer

   For boost charger timer. Can be set 0 - 30 hours. It's on the mimic panel, so it's easy to reach.

6. Announciator

   To display an indication of what happened to the battery charger.

Charger ON

  • Floating
  • Equalizing / Boost
  • Under Voltage (optional)
  • Over Voltage (optional)
  • (+) Ground Fault (optional)
  • (-) Ground Fault (optional)

7. Panels

   The size of the panel is adjusted to the avaliable space, taking into account the ease of access for maintenance.

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