Instruments Services

Instrument Services (IS) is a crucial aspect of our business, providing a wide range of services to support industries that rely on instruments and control systems. Our services encompass everything from assessment and troubleshooting to repair, replacement, maintenance, and calibration. We specialize in providing support for products that have reached their end-of-life or are no longer being manufactured, ensuring that industries can continue to operate smoothly and safely.

One of our most notable strengths is our after-sales service, which is designed to help restore the functionality of damaged or unusable products. Our unique service process consists of several steps, including tracing, reverse engineering, simulation, and testing. Customers simply need to send us the faulty module or device, and we will take care of the rest.

Although having complete documentation such as manuals or datasheets can be helpful, it is not necessary. We can still perform an assessment and provide a conclusion, even if these documents are unavailable. Our goal is to ensure that our services contribute to maintaining the safety and reliability of processes while extending the lifespan of instruments.

Notes :

We are not responsible for any complaints made by the manufacturer and/or any related to the goods we service.